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A snapshot of my brain

As in the tagline of this web site "Snapshot of my brain", one thing I always want to try to do is to visualize the things occupying my mind. I want to create a "mirror" of my internal being, and take a good look at it to think of my life in the past and going forward.

I tweet at daily basis, and they represent the things in my mind at least partially. So, I created a word cloud out of my recent 3000+ tweets. Here is the result:


This exercise turned out to be a lot of fun. I can clearly see work is a big part of my life ("working", "fivestars"). I am into "marathon" and "bike" as regular exercises. I love to eat and drink as you can see the words like "cook", "grill", "dinner", "wine", "coffee", and "restaurant". Another big thing is trading ("market" and "bitcoin"). Those are the things I could have guessed without this visualization.

There are things I didn't quite think until I saw this word cloud. "People", "team", and "product" are the things I really value in growing our company. But I never thought I use those words in my tweet so often. I am also glad to see the words like "thanks", "happy", "like", "love" instead of sad or hate.

To generate the visualization, I coded a little to pull out and clean up my tweets, and I used Jason Davies's Word Cloud Generator 1 to generate the Scalable Vector Graphics. So, yes. I "code" and "hack", too.

Original post: Aug. 9, 2014 | Last updated: Aug. 10, 2014

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