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A smoked Turkey dinner for Thanksgiving 2014

Smoked Turkey dinner for Thanksgiving 2014

We prefer avoiding holiday traffic, and we have been celebrating Thanksgiving at home by ourselves for several years. Whole turkey is too much for two of us, so we are open for having something other than whole roasted turkey for the holiday. They are usually still poultry (our favorite is duck), but it could be lamb.

This year, I decided to smoke turkey parts with the kamado style smoker grill I bought last year.

Vision Professional C Vision Professional C Grill

The turkey meat was brined over a night with Salt Lick rubs, Spice Rub from Oakville Grocery, garlic powder, and so on. I smoked them together with the baby back ribs at 225F for about 6 hours, mopping every 45 minutes or so.

The meat came out with the nice glaze and it was moist inside with a solid taste thanks to the over night brining (and my diligent mopping).

Other than watching the grill to hold the right temperature, prepping the mop, and the sauce. I just had to repeat mopping the meat. It's nice to chill off a day this way. And I am thankful Yvonne made all other tasty stuff.

Original post: Nov. 28, 2014 | Last updated: Nov. 28, 2014

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