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Setting routines for productivity

I am a person of pre-defined routine. It eliminates the chance of wondering what to do for the moment, and it helps me to get things done consistently.

I recently decided to officially enroll in certain coursera classes. It is a challenge to commit to complete the courses while I am already busy with my day job.

Here is how I accommodate two hours of study every day on top of the life in a startup. So far it's manageable.

  • 5:45am: Get up
  • 6:00~7:00am: Study
  • 7:00~7:15am: Short exercise (push-ups, sit-ups, ...)
  • 7:15~7:45am: Shower, get ready to work
  • 7:50~8:00am: Bike to the train station
  • 8:05~9:05am: Study in the train
  • 9:05~9:15am: Bike to the office
  • 9:20am~9:35am: Breakfast in the office (I cook bacon & egg everyday)
  • 9:35am~12:00pm: AM Work
  • 12:00~12:30pm: Lunch
  • 12:30~5:50pm: PM Work
  • 5:55~6:05pm: Bike to the train station
  • 6:05~6:50pm: Work in the train
  • 7:00~7:10pm: Bike to home
  • 7:15~7:45pm: Cook
  • 7:45~9:00pm: Dinner (Hopefully, no need to work tonight)
  • 9:30pm~: Wind down, read, get ready to bed
  • 10:30pm Seriously, have courage to just go to bed. I'll be more productive and get things done in the morning than late at night.

This has been pretty much my every weekday for the past months except when I was traveling. My weekend routine has been 10 miles (3500 feet total climb) trail run & hike mix.

Part of me think I could do more, and part of me think it's already very tight. So, I think this is good for now.

People have different styles of achieving goals. I like preset structure while others prefer to be flexible. What is the style that works for you and why?

Original post: Nov. 5, 2014 | Last updated: Nov. 5, 2014

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