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Iceberg rose

Iceberg rose

Our garden in spring

It's getting very warm here in South Bay. The plants I planted last year literally sprang in the past one week, and I took time to take pictures of them. The center of the garden is this magnificent iceberg rose tree. I was in a local home improvement store when I saw the tree last year. I immediately fell in love with it and decided to pay 35 dollars, and carried it home in Yvonne's small Honda Fit. I think Yvonne was at first skeptical if it grows well in our garden because we don't get full sun. But I guess it's getting enough sun light in the morning, and I took a good care of it. Now the branches are filled with big flower buds. I am so proud of this rose. A few days ago, I coded so this web site can display a full width cover photo for articles with pictures. The iceberg rose deserves to be the cover, so I made this post. While I was at it, I also coded so that I can show the pictures of the rest of the plants in a rotating album. I hope you like it.

Original post: April 13, 2014 | Last updated: April 20, 2014

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