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Making French Macaron (coverphoto)

Making French Macaron

Chef Dillon-Corneck's French Macaron class

These pictures are from our trip to France in 2012. My sister's husband who works for Nissan got an opportunity to work at Renault in Paris for half year, and we took advantage of a free stay in his room. One of the highlights in the trip was to learn how to make real French macaron first hand from Chef Frederic Dillon-Corneck. My sister found the lesson and she needed an English-Japanese interpreter (Chef speaks English), so Yvonne and I went with her. It was in a pretty apartment near Philippe Auguste station. I had never taken a cooking lession before this, and I was very happy to learn subtle nuance of techniques like folding almond mixture into meringue. We also had a lot fun during the lesson. We stole some wine from the fridge (actually, Chef stole it for us) while we cook and we tasted yummy ingredients like chocolate and caramel as Chef showed us how to cook them right. The final products were amazingly beautiful with the pink, yellow and cacao pastel colors, and they of course tasted wonderfully. It's a shame that we have not tried making French macaron after coming home. So, here are the pictures to remind ourselves that we should try sometime soon. (This post is continuation of my experiment coverphoto layout)

Original post: April 15, 2014 | Last updated: April 15, 2014

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