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Semi-dried tomatoes

Condensing the flavor

Semi-dried tomatoes

Last Thanksgiving, my wife was all braced-up to cook turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. I also wanted to contribute a little. So I opened Nobu the Cookbook, and found the slow dried fruit tomatoes recipe.

I knew they grow fruit tomatoes in Japan, but I could not find equivalent in U.S, so I just bought golf ball size tomatoes that looked fully ripe instead.

I dropped the tomatoes in boiling water for a second after making very shallow cross incision at the bottom so I can peel the skin easily. The tomatoes are roasted for 3 hours in low heat oven bottom side down. After roasting, move the tomatoes to room temperature where it is well ventilated, and dry for 6 hours.

The sweetness of the tomato was condensed especially at the surface and the overall flavor was much more complex than the raw tomatoes. It takes time to prepare, but it is very, and the result is superb

Original post: Jan. 14, 2011 | Last updated: Jan. 14, 2011

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