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Slightly cooked tilapia “sashimi”


We can easily to find a package of tilapia fillet in asian super market in US. It's called Izumi-dai in Japanese. Dai (or tai in the original form of the noun) means snapper which is much more expensive group of fish. But Izumi-dai is actually tilapia. Maybe we can call it poor man's snapper ;)

Izumi-dai tastes not too bad actually for the price, but it may not be so delicate as to be eaten simply with soy sauce and a little wasabi. So, I opened Nobu the Cookbook (page 116), and mimicked his New Style Sashimi that is

"White fish sashimi is drizzled with soy sauce and yuzu juice, then a hot oil mixture is poured over it to create a new style of sashimi. (from Nobu: The Cookbook)

The recipe suggested to put some grated garlic on sashimi. It actually gave a nice kick to complement the limited texture quality from the cheap fish.

Of course,  mine is far from what Nobu does, but it still tasted really really good.

...oh, make sure you sharpen the cooking knife very well before cutting raw fish!

Original post: July 13, 2010 | Last updated: July 13, 2010

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